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Birthdate:Dec 30

♥~ The Rundown ~♥

Name: Salix (also Haru)
Genus: Salix Alba (Willow)
Age: 32
Born: 12:30:1980
Sun sign: Capricorn
Moon sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
♥~ Just the facts ~♥

Bluekachu is a thirty-two year old girl. She plans on perusing a masters level post baccalaureate certification in either psych and specializing in ABA. After that she plans on attaining her ABA certification.

She has her bachelor of science in general studies with concentrations in both psychology and English literature, graduated in 2005. Hopefully being able to peruse her masters in October 2013 at Capella University.

She's very blunt when it comes to a lot of things, not face to face, but in writing. Her words are her own and she isn't planning on trying to step lightly for others in her journal. Friend her at your own risk.

Remember, live, laugh and always love.
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